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Rittenhouse_ToC v1-23 FULL.pdf
A simple consolidation of the tables of contents of the full run of the journal Rittenhouse, volumes 1 through 23 (numbers 1 through 70)

Physical descriptionFuncitonal description

WB Model C11 Pickup Calibrator (38pp).pdf
A 38pp. manual of operation for this instrument.

Physical DescriptionA Wooden/Brass Instrument that is housed in a Wooden box with a lock on the top and a leather handle on the side attached by two metal fasteners. The tool itself has a dial separated into increments of 10. It has 3 black plastic…

Physical DescriptionA small glass jar captured between a porcelain base and a porcelain cap, the latter of which is held on the top of the glass jar with a rubber gasket. A blown glass tube enters the glass jar from the side by means of a rubber…

Physical DescriptionA circular brass cylinder on a thin steel plate mounted on a wooden board, screwed into a base wooden plate at three spots: the top and bottom two corners. Two brass nobs at the bottom front of the wooden plate can be loosened and…

Physical DescriptionThe two Calibration Exciters are mounted to a sturdy cement wall by 4 steel screws at each corner of the base. The base is comprised of a non-magnetic metal alloy that has a square plate flush against the wall and two…

Physical DescriptionMain apparatus:  The Washington densometer is comprised of 16 pieces (The kit owned by MTU does not include all 16 pieces). The first of these pieces are 4 aluminum calibrated rods, which have a large hexagonal head on them, screw…

OsmetteOsmometer_MEEM1105x(Bio)-1a copy.JPG
Physical Description

Functional Description

Physical Description Two polarizing lenses on a hexagonal shaft.  The two lenses are each in a metal ring with a hexagonal handle, and the smaller of the two fits in the larger to make a double-ended (dumbell) object. The smaller of the two lenses…