Historic scientific instruments held by the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI, USA.

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Physical Description: The Radiotron is a tall glass tube that stands 41cm high. The total width of the Radiotron is 25cm. The main glass sphere has a diameter of 18.34 cm. Attached to one side of this sphere is a tubular piece that has an outside…

American Thompson Steam Gauge
Physical Description:The Thompson Improved Steam Indicator comes in a dark stained wooden box   285mm wide, 207mm deep, and 240mm tall.  It opens about halfway up its height to reveal a number of objects.  The box, as well as various components, are…

4242 compensating polar planimeter
Physical Description: The Keuffel and Esser polar planimeter is composed of two individual pieces. One being the main body, and the other a tracer arm. Both sections are comprised of tarnished silver square rods with black markings indicating…
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