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WB Model C11 Pickup Calibrator (38pp).pdf
A 38pp. manual of operation for this instrument.

OsmetteOsmometer_MEEM1105x(Bio)-1a copy.JPG
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Physical Description Two polarizing lenses on a hexagonal shaft.  The two lenses are each in a metal ring with a hexagonal handle, and the smaller of the two fits in the larger to make a double-ended (dumbell) object. The smaller of the two lenses…

Bio-Salmoiraghi Planimeter-1.JPG
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Physical DescriptionA large pulley wheel in two slightly domed faces, the one communicating the axle of the pulley into a geared couting box with small dial ponters on either side.Functional DescriptionAs the cable passes though the main wheel, the…

Pantometer(SocSci) - 1 copy.JPG
Physical description: A nickeled brass surveyor's cross in a wooden fitted case. The cross consists of a cylinder with a compass on the top and a gimbaled socket on the bottom for mounting on a stake or tripod. The main body of the instrument…

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Machine is black, white and gray with a square base. The back of the base has several slots for the cords to be attached. On the back side is also a long thin piece of silver metal with inscriptions SERIE NR., U.S.PAT.…

Wooden Crystal Models Orthorhombic (28).jpg
Physical Description These crystal models are composed of a lightly colored Pearwood. Each model is precisely shaped with correct angles to illustrate various examples of seven different groups of crystal structures: isometric, tetragonal, hexagonal,…

Physical Description There are three unique agate mortar and pestles at A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum. The largest mortar measures three centimeters in diameter at the base, while the matching pestle measures five centimeters in length. This mortar and…