Microscope Slides in Box

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Microscope Slides in Box


Geology, Mineralogy and Crystallography


Physical Description

These microscope slides are contained in a lightly colored oak box, featuring thin cuts of wood and brass hardware. The locking mechanism on the front of the box is made up of two rotating hooks on each side, located near the top of the box, and two open loops, located near the bottom of the box. The top of the box reads, in hand-written black ink, “Other Common Rock Forming/Minerals.” The box opens up to reveal 282 glass microscope slides and 18 empty slots for missing slides. Each slide is made of a mineral sample pressed onto a cut of glass. Each slide has two labels attached to the glass; on one of the labels, a typed font displays the words: “MICHIGAN MINING SCHOOL. NO.” and features a number unique to each mineral sample. On the other label, a name, number, and location of each mineral sample is hand-written in black ink.

Functional Description

The glass slides contains a mineral to be examined at a microscopic level. Slides were used to press thin strips of minerals flat and hold them easily for examination. The slide containing the mineral was placed and secured, and then the microscope is adjusted for viewing.


Savannah de Luca


c. 1880




Physical object


DM 31417

Physical Dimensions

Box Length: 44cm Width: 28cm Depth: 5.5cm


Box: Oak with brass hardware
Slides: Glass, paper tag with ink, mineral specimen


Writing in ink: "Other Common Rock Forming/Minerals"


A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum

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