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Physical Description: A rectangular oak case with glass panels stands on adjustable metal feet. The front page of the case is internally counterweighted to be lifted vertically by a metal handle. Inside the case is a brass beam balance with two…

The balance is contained in a cage of
red-brown wood, atop a glossy black
20mm base made of either ceramic or
stone, under which is larger red-brown
colored base. Some scuff marks of
normal wear and tear appear present on
the front face as well…

Physical Description: This microscope is very clearly labeled as a metallurgical microscope. The material of the microscope appears to be brass with a shiny black enamel finished over the body and brass accents on the eyepiece, body tube, and…

Functional: The Raman Spectrometer was and is used to measure stretching of bonds by measuring the inelastic scattering of light, which are output in lines of light also known as excitation lines, for the sample being collected. To test a sample the…

Physical Description:

Machine is black, white and gray with a square base. The back of the base has several slots for the cords to be attached. On the back side is also a long thin piece of silver metal with inscriptions SERIE NR., U.S.PAT.…
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