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Historic scientific instruments held by Alumni Affairs, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI, USA.

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Chainomatic Analytical Scale
Physical Description      The scale’s frame is a rectangular prism composed of a russet-colored wood, with some sun bleaching occurring to its front face. Three tarnished metal feet, one on each front corner and one placed in the middle of the rear…

Dietzgen Master-Pro Drafting Instrument Set
Physical Description: The drafting set is stored in a simple grey case with a red felt interior. The case only has three words on the outside cover: “Made in Germany”. The only markings on the inside of the case are the letters “DS” written in marker…

Picket Model 1000 Slide Rule
Physical Description: The Pickett 1000 slide rule is made of three rectangular bars of aluminum alloy coated in plastic with grooved slides.  Two bars are connected at the end with braces that are mounted to the flat side of the bars and the third…
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