Historic scientific instruments held by the Department of Physics, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI, USA.

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Geissler Tube
Physical Description This Geissler tube is approximately 155 centimeters long and weighs 984.4 grams or about 2.17 pounds. The outer tube is made up of symmetric sections of long tubes with a large bulb at the center. These sections themselves…

Earth Inductor
Physical Description A rectangular, lengthwise symmetric, wood frame (163cm X 43.5cm) that houses two rings (inner diam. 23cm, outer diam. 30.5cm), one on each side of the line of symmetry, which acts as spindles for wire. The frame is held together…

Rheometer (?)
Physical Description: Rectangular brass box with removable lid on top of black iron base. Brass box is mostly hollow. A shaft with a heavy wheel on it runs through the box; the wheel is inside the box. On either side of the box, centered around…

Quad Resistor Circle
Circular brass cylinder on a thin steel plate. Steel is screwed into a base wooden plate at three spots: the top and bottom two corners. Two brass nobs at the bottom of the wooden plate can be loosened and tightened. These nobs have ribbed edges.

D.C. Voltmeter, Model 1, NO. 5541
Physical Description: A Wooden/Brass Instrument that is housed in a Wooden box with a lock on the top and a leather handle on the side attached by two metal fasteners. The tool itself has a dial separated into increments of 10. It has 3 black plastic…

Portable Galvanometer (?)
Physical Description:
Object comes in a wooden box. Box has a hinged lid and can be locked. Lock is made of metal with two screws on the face holding it to the side of the box. A leather strap is attached to the side of the box by the lock. There is…

Light Refactor(?)
Physical Description:
Object has a black cast iron base that is a cylinder with a hollow center. The inside of the cylinder is lined with felt. A metal lid covers the hollow center and a circular glass lens sits in the center of the lid. The lid has…

Chemical Separator(?)
Physical Description:
Object has a tin fume/exhaust fanout on the top connected to the body by a white ceramic chute. The chute is connected to a white ceramic lid with a port branching out at the base of the exhaust chute creating a T-shaped…
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