The Michigan Tech Inventory of Historic Scientific Instruments (IHSI) is a collaboration between professors Steve Walton (Social Sciences) and Andrew Fiss (Humanities). The goal of the project is to catalogue and document all the historic instruments in all departments across campus. The initial website was developed between February and April 2017.

Recently Added Items

Bico Hand Driven Centrifuge


Physical Description: This machine consists of an iron base and an aluminum bowl that is mounted on the base. The bowl consists of a stationary 11”…

Assayer's Scale/Apothecary Balance


Physical Description: A rectangular oak case with glass panels stands on adjustable metal feet. The front page of the case is internally…

Riehle Tensile Test Machine (2296 ALT)


Physical Description: This civil engineering instrument stands at 3 feet 2 inches tall. This machine consists of a base with the dimensions 13.75" x…