The Michigan Tech Inventory of Historic Scientific Instruments (IHSI) is a collaboration between professors Steve Walton (Social Sciences) and Andrew Fiss (Humanities). The goal of the project is to catalogue and document all the historic instruments in all departments across campus. The initial website was developed between February and April 2017.

As a service to our users, this is also a place that we have uploaded a full table of contents for Rittenhouse, the Journal of the American scientific instrument enterprise, which ran in 70 issues from 1989–2003.  We do not post any of the articlse, and the journal is only avaiable as far as we know in paper form and in a limited number of libraries, but we hope that this will let people find these important but less-than-visible articles.

Recently Added Items

Rittenhouse Tables of Contents

Rittenhouse_ToC v1-23 FULL.pdf

A simple consolidation of the tables of contents of the full run of the journal Rittenhouse, volumes 1 through 23 (numbers 1 through 70)

magnetic field apparatus


Physical descriptionFuncitonal description

Model C-31 Vibration Pickup Calibrator and Exciter MANUAL

WB Model C11 Pickup Calibrator (38pp).pdf

A 38pp. manual of operation for this instrument.