The Michigan Tech Inventory of Historic Scientific Instruments (IHSI) is a collaboration between professors Steve Walton (Social Sciences) and Andrew Fiss (Humanities). The goal of the project is to catalogue and document all the historic instruments in all departments across campus. The initial website was developed between February and April 2017.

Recently Added Items

Pantometer (Vernier Surveyor's Cross with Compass)

Pantometer(SocSci) - 1 copy.JPG

Physical description: A nickeled brass surveyor's cross in a wooden fitted case. The cross consists of a cylinder with a compass on the top and a…

Wooden Crystal Models - Orthorhombic

Wooden Crystal Models Orthorhombic (28).jpg

Physical Description These crystal models are composed of a lightly colored Pearwood. Each model is precisely shaped with correct angles to illustrate…

Agate Mortar and Pestle (1/3)


Physical Description There are three unique agate mortar and pestles at A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum. The largest mortar measures three centimeters in…