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Physical Description: The instrument is situated on a gray base that is 34 cm long x 21.5 cm across x 1cm high. The object is able to rotate on this base to make the viewing of objects easier. The instrument consists of two eyepieces and two lenses,…

demensioned_radiotron_drawing (1) (1).pdf
The Radiotron is a tall glass tube that stands 41cm high. The total width of the Radiotron is 25cm. The main glass sphere has a diameter of 18.34 cm. Attached to one side of this sphere is a tubular piece that has an outside diameter of…

Physical Description      The scale’s frame is a rectangular prism composed of a russet-colored wood, with some sun bleaching occurring to its front face. Three tarnished metal feet, one on each front corner and one placed in the middle of the…
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