The Michigan Tech Inventory of Historic Scientific Instruments (IHSI) is currently a collaboration between the students in Dr. Steve Walton's History of Science (SS 3581) and Dr. Andrew Fiss's Science Writing (HU 3693). The goal of the broader project is to catalogue and document all the historic instruments in all departments across campus. The initial website will be developed between February and April 2017.

Recently Added Items

Earth Inductor


Physical Description A rectangular, lengthwise symmetric, wood frame (163cm X 43.5cm) that houses two rings (inner diam. 23cm, outer diam. 30.5cm),…

Crookes tube (X-ray generator)

CrookesTube 1 (Seaman).jpg

Physical Description: The body of the Crookes tube instrument consists of a copper cube, in the center of a metal stand. The stand consists of a long…

Geissler Tube

Geissler Tube 01 (Physics).JPG

Physical Description This Geissler tube is approximately 155 centimeters long and weighs 984.4 grams or about 2.17 pounds. The outer tube is made up…